Perimeter Institute for Clinical Research, dba PICR Clinic, established in 1978,  conducts Clinical Research Trials in multi-therapeutic areas for Phase II, III, and IV for our sponsors, Biopharmaceutical Companies / Contract Research Organization (CROs) and our study volunteers as a team.




Clinical Research Trials:

PICR Clinic is a dedicated, free-standing research site that undertakes investigational drug and device trials.  Under the supervision of our Board Certified physician investigators. Our professionally trained and experienced staff, work as a team to implement study protocols. We at PICR are committed to excellence.  With patient safety being paramount, we work as a team to strive for compliance, expeditious enrollment, accurate

documentation and clean data collection, all while maintaining strict compliance with ICH/GCP guidelines and FDA regulations.  Without the participation of committed and compliant patient volunteers, none of this would be possible.

We at PICR work for the biopharmaceutical companies who are constantly working to develop new, improved medications and medical devices. This means that the new formulation of a promising drug or medical device may bring positive treatment outcomes leading to improved disease control for all patients. As a patient volunteer, you will have access to proper medical management of your specific disease state. You will gain knowledge and insight into your medical condition and the care with that new drugs or devices controlling your disease state.

The cost of brand name medications continues to rise, making innovative treatments unaffordable for most of us.  As a patient volunteer, your health and

well-being will be closely monitored by our physician investigators using evaluation of lab values, ECGs, MRI, X-rays, Ultra Sound / SIS, Mammogram, DXA and review of  your medical records. We will maintain copies of your records for your baseline health profile at PICR (HIPAA compliant) so that we can provide you with quality continuity of care. Additionally, our doctors may write prescriptions, free of charge, for your concomitant medications throughout your study participation. Lastly, you may participate in more than one clinical trial, however, a one month period must elapse between studies, allowing the initial investigational drug which you had taken to “wash-out” of your system. 


PICR is a minority owned company.  

The diversity of our patient volunteers makes PICR unique.  Working together as a team, the Clinic staff and study volunteers have sculpted PICR into a leading clinical trials research facility. We strive to provide you with the newest and most innovative medications, helping to manage the insidious chronic disease states.  


Successful eradication of such chronic medical conditions as Type II diabetes, hypertension, and osteoarthritis and more depends on compliant volunteers and research participation.  Only with the help of study volunteers a cure for some diseases can occur.  Less chronic illnesses, the brighter future for all of us and our children!


Multi-therapeutic Clinical Research Trials           Immigration Physicals          Lab Testing (Comprehensive Health and Nutritional)    



Our Mission is to excel in the delivery of high-quality Multi-Therapeutic Clinical Research Trials in phase II, III, to support Biopharmaceutical companies/CROs.  With advocacy and education, all need to own his/her own healthcare profile, Lab Testing (Lab testing (Comprehensive Health Profiles and Nutrition screening), and Vaccine Administration.  Clinical trials are about health. Clinical research and Treatment go hand in hand and proactive recruitment for study patient volunteers gives important meaning to PICR.   


OUR VISION is to realize and measure the increase in numbers for the informed and willing clinical research trial participants and all patients for their own healthcare management.  With its goals, we can make a difference in building relationships that lead patients on a path to better health.  This will advance in bringing the best possible business outcomes for our Sponsors, CROs, Primary Government Contractors and patients.               


Core Competencies:

With a commitment to quality, our staff of dedicated professionals includes Board Certified Physician Investigators (OBGYN, General Surgeon/GP/CPI, GI, Psychiatrist, Psychologist) Clinical research coordinators, Registered Dietitian, Budget/Contract/Accounting (Out Sourced), IT specialist,  Recruiter and MAs.  We are aligned to readily training and optimize a best fit workforce on demand.

Professionalism in collecting accurate data to help our sponsors advance drug/device development.

Our Quality Management System with CAPA Program in place ensures that we are in strict compliance with FDA regulations, ICH GCP guidelines and local/state authorities.


Sponsors:  BioPharmaceutical Companies/CROs

Roche, GSK, Sanofi-Aventis, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Austellars, Genentech, Johnson & Johnson, Astra-Zeneca, Pfizer, Hologic, vTv, Theracos, Novum, Novan, MedPoint, Quintiles, PPD, Covance, UBS, Norvatis, Nektar, Therecos,  Kendle, ICON, OmniCare, &more.  

*** 10 Protocols as a high enrolling site, FDA Audited.  No Form 483 issued.


Why is this important to you?  You receive most Cost Contained, Transparent, Licensed Professional Healthcare Services offer !


  • Patient compliance / In-depth health management knowledge building education
  • Comprehensive Health and Nutritional Lab Testing Services
  • Ultra Sound / X-rays/ECG/Medical Doctors Consultation


Key Differentiators:

  • 8(a) Certified Business
  • Certified Women Owned Small Business (Korean American)
  • Ethnically diverse staff (English, Hispanic, Korean)
  • Long History since 1978


We Do Study in:

*  Diabetes Mellitus (Type II)

*  Hypertension

*  Dyslipidemia

*  Osteoarthritis


*  Functional Dyspepsia

*  IBS (Diarrhea / Constipation)

*  Obesity

*  Muscular-Skeletal Pain

*  Depression / Anxiety Disorder

*  HSDD  

*  Women’s Health

*  Vaccines

*  PK, PD

*   And more


With our Reseach Institute located off the perimeter highway in Atlanta, GA, PICR clinic has the potential to recruit from the Greater Atlanta population of more than 2,500,000.  Utilizing our own Subject database, word of mouth, as well as direct local advertising, we do our best to fulfill the recruitment goals for all Studies we are awarded for.  We have the unique capability of communicating and working closely with Korean-American, and Hispanic population, opens up an access to the Atlanta Minority Community of approximately 155,000.

PICR clinic, over 3000 sq. ft is well equipped with CLIA certified laboratory, ECG, physicians’ clinic setting with Coordinators’ offices and Monitors room, fast access RDE capability, secure Study file and double locked, a separately surveillance system installed drug storage room with refrigerators and freezers temperature ranges w/ -200 and -800 , US. Emergency Rescue Kit, Oxygen Tank and more.

Any Information, call Suzanne Hong Margeson, Site Director, RD, CCRP &
770-986-3885  or  678-230-2213   Website: www.picrinc.com
DUN & B #: 958792657
SBA 8(a) Certified/MWOSB
Cage#:  4MED6

NAICS  Code:

621511  Medical Lab Testing        541712  Clinical Research


948-82   Medical Research and Science Services 948-92   Vaccination Program Services

948-37   Experimental Medical Services 962-22   Chemical Laboratory Services 952-07   Alcohol and Drug Testing Services



ATLANTA, GEORGIA: Perimeter Institute for Clinical Research, dba PICR Clinic
Nine Dunwoody Park
Suite 126
Atlanta, GA 30338

Perimeter Institute for Clinical Research, Inc.
DBA: PICR Clinic
Since 1978
Integrity, diligence, and timely
Advocacy and Education for own healthcare with ownership.
Committed making a difference in advancing and improving health for all.  

We do whatever is required to achieve the outcome you need!